Ultraman Monster Island Adventure 2 is an adventure game platform game!


On an uninhabited island, travelers accidentally discovered deposits of valuable emeralds of clean water. As a result, several volunteers went to their prey and did not return. So, villagers appealed to Ultramen, and he invited friends to help him learn the secrets of the island. Also, you, too, can call your friends not alone, but together or together you can play the Ultraman Monster Island Adventure 2 and go on a dangerous adventure. In effect, heroes will have to meet with monsters and the first time they will simply have to be avoided. After that, when you get enough gems, you can buy the Power Fist skill and give the monsters a full program. So, come to play and have fun!

How to play Ultraman Monster Island Adventure 2:  

Use the P1A D W P2← →↑ P3J L I to play