Tank Royale io is a real-time multiplayer set in a small battle royale arena!



At first, fight for glory  in this cartoony fast-paced top-down online multiplayer shooter. After all, become the most powerful tank in the world. So, take on tough tank battles against enemies from all corners of the world. As matter of fact, you maneuver and show off your pilot skills. Also, shoot all enemy tanks to explode them while avoiding being defeat by their projectiles. In order to unlock items and reach the top of the leaderboard, invest the gold you get to improve your skills and continue with your battle! So come, play and have fun!

How to play Tank Royale io:  

Use DESKTOP: [W,A,S,D] / [ARROW KEYS] = MOVE Mouse = aim Mouse LEFT = fire Mouse RIGHT = activate ultimate MOBILE: First tap and drag to move your tank around! Second tap will trigger fire at the position of you