Scoob Mystery Match is a cartoon puzzle game!


As a matter of fact, the strong team of Scooby-doo is in a hurry for a new adventure. But he has to put his things together before that. Also, you and your skills will help them in this. So, collect the puzzle and set off as soon as possible. Together with, in it, you have to help Velma match as much food as possible. Since, she is the one who has to prepare the snacks for Scooby and Shaggy, who can always eat. Indeed, there will be icons of popcorn, cookies, sandwiches, bones, and more. Too, with the mouse, you click on two items at a time, if they are next to one another, with the purpose of swapping one with another. Overall, you have to do this in order to form rows of three or more identical items, and when you do so, you remove those items and in return you get points. Before the time granted for the game runs out on you, which is about three minutes, more or less. And, you should aim to match as much as possible and get a really big score!

How to play Scoob Mystery Match:  

Use the mouse to play