Sandbox City is a crazy zombie game.


In this game you can explore freely and drive around the city, but, be careful of the zombie's infection! So, your goal is to get rid of the undead before all the innocent living humans die. And, are you skilled enough behind the wheel to roll them all over? Is your aim precise enough to blow their brains out? In fact, find the zombies and defeat them before the infection spreads around and the city.  Have fun!

How to play Sandbox City:  

Use to play: WASD or arrow keys = move; Left-click = attack. Hold to shoot; Hold shift = run; Space = jump when on foot, handbrake when in the car; E = enter / exit car, pick-up, or drop items; T = enter and exit Slo-Mo mode; L = activate mouse cursor; C = change camera perspective; Esc = quit