is a top-down team-based multiplayer 2D shooter game with a fully destructible map.


At first you join the north and defeat all enemies in the arena. Therefore you have up to 25 different weapons at your disposal, which you can gradually unlock. Above all, the interesting thing of this game is that you can destroy almost all objects on the map. So this can be useful if, for example, enemies are hiding somewhere. Due to as the map is quite large, you can use cars or even a tank here. Another key point your teammate can also get in the car and shoot around. Although enemies can neutralize you very quickly with the help of rpgs, so be careful.


In this situation a larger maps, you can use vehicles like the jeep and the tank. So, that you can quickly travel the map and transport your friends as well. While driving the jeep your friend who sits in the passenger seat can shoot at enemies! So, the heavily armored tank is a single-seater, however, it carries a powerful turret shooting exploding rockets. Have fun!

How to play  

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