Adventure Time Blind Finned is an adventure game with some cartoon characters!


As a matter of fact that, Finn is blind! But he has his best friend, who is always ready to help and rescue him. So, just use the mouse to play and pass each stage as better as you can. As well, if you are ready for such a cool challenging game, then start it right now. Oh no! Something terrible has happened and Finn is blind! And now, he and his faithful friend and companion Jake must save the candy kingdom from evil again. In fact, it is so easy to play; you will just use the mouse only. Also, you will have to perform hilarious tricks, run as fast as you can, and overcome all obstacles which you will face on your way. So, everything is up to you now, which are why just faith has in yourself and be sure that you will cope with it. Have fun!

How to play Adventure Time Blind Finned:  

Use the mouse to play