In Ado Cars Drifter, the drift mania has begun! Huh, you don't know how to drift, yet? Here is a quick guide to learn all the tricks needed to become a real drifting pro! There are several techniques, but we are going to use the most frequent one – it is called handbrake technique. Accelerate and shift into a gear with room to rev. Second gear is generally used because it allows the widest variance of speed and is best for harnessing the engines torque. Push in the clutch. Flick the steering wheel to the inside of the turn as if you were going to turn around it. While simultaneously pulling the hand brake. Immediately put some pressure on the gas pedal, let out the clutch, and steer the car in the direction of the slide, using throttle to control the angle of the drift. More throttles will make the car turn more, and also move the car away from the turn center. Fewer throttles will reduce angle, and allow the car to move towards the inside of the turn more freely. Have fun!

How to play Ado Cars Drifter:

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