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TDP4 Team Battle

In TDP4-Team-Battle, a shooting game you enter rooms to battle against other players worldwide. You can play three types of battles: “Deathmatch”, “Team Deathmatch” and “Capture the Flag.” In “Deathmatch” you’ll play against everybody. Kill them and get experience and coins to buy powerful new weapons or items. In “Team Deathmatch”, you can choose to play in the team red or blue. You will have experience and coins for killing enemies as in “Deathmatch”. In addition, you will receive team points by killing enemies of the other team. In “Capture the Flag” your team will have flag-points to capture the enemy flag and handing it to their base. Once your level increases, you will be able to increase the skills of your avatar to be more dangerous and invulnerable.

How to play TDP4 Team Battle:

Mouse and keyboard

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