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Billiards Elite 1.0

In Billiards Elite 1.0, in this game, you will have 16 balls, including No. 1-7 ball are solids, No. 9-15 balls are strips, the black is eight-ball, and the wite ball is cue ball. There will be 2 players to play this game: Player 1 breaks. If Player 1 pockets a ball, both of the players can have the suits. The suit of Player 1 is the same as his pocketed ball. If he doesn’t pocketed a ball, Play 2 will play in turns. How to win: 1. Sinking all the balls in your suit is the goal in 8-ball, and then you will win if you can sink the 8-ball earlier than your opponent. 2. You can win when your opponent pockets the 8-ball before pocketing all balls in his suit. 3. You can win when your opponent pockets the 8-ball and the cue ball in the same time. 4. You can win if you sink only the 8-ball when you break without any other balls. Scratching: 1. If you don’t sink a ball into the pocket, it will be your opponent’s turn. 2. If you make a mistake to sink your opponent’s balls, it will be your opponent’s turn. 3. Don’t pocket the cue ball, or your opponent will start to ply.

How to play Billiards Elite 1.0:

Mouse to play

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