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In Zombie Mission, we need to save the very important records from the hands of the zombies for the humanity. To do this, you should cooperate with your friend and should collect t [...]
In Gangsta, get into the adrenaline in this mission. Look forward to more of this super challenge. A gang of zombies are terrorizing the population of your city. Nearly all fled or [...]
When the apocalyptic explosions settled, the only survivor became undead. A bored zombie looking for new challenges on a lonesome planet. Being unable to feel pain, made him create [...]
In Ben 10 Zombies Smasher, our hero Ben 10 is back in this challenging. Now this time he is defeat all zombies, smash the given number of zombies in each level and unlocks other ex [...]
In All We Need Is Brain 2, these zombies are hungry for a human brain. Use your logical thinking and his strategy to lure them into a fatal trap. Place the brain in a strategic loc [...]
In Elsa Zombie Malediction, beautiful Disney princess Frozen Elsa was cursed by the evil witch who was very jealous of her beauty and now she is turned into a zombie. So, now she n [...]
In All We Need Is Brain, you have to destroy all the zombies in each level by strategically using brains to lure them to their deaths! This is a very dangerous place; one haunted v [...]
In Luigi Shoot Zombie, Mario falls in the Bowser trap and now he is trapped in the middle of the forest. And only Luigi can save him. You must help Luigi rescue Mario before the zo [...]
In General Smashup, aliens have invaded, and zombies, and enemy tanks, Call for general Smashup! Using the general s arsenal of military vehicles, you must help him get through 5 a [...]
In Crazy Zombie v5.0, Crazy Zombie is back in the 5th installment with new characters. The world becomes a living hell as many zombies walking around. You need to continuously impr [...]