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In Fantastic Duet 2, in this fun adventure you can choose to play between Mario or Sonic and go into this super adventure through the forest. Help your favorite character to overco [...]
In Sonic The Hedgehog 2 , is one of the greatest adventures of all time re-mastered for mobile devices! speed back in time and discover the game that first united sonic the hedgeho [...]
Get into a funny competition with Sonic and Bart Simpsons in an amazing bike race. Select who you want to play with and go race. Collect golden rings along the way in order to incr [...]
Sonic is a pilot who has to collect as many gems as possible. Guide Sonic through the great flying adventure! Keep Sonic in the air as long as possible, while dodging eggman s airc [...]
In Sonic Sky Impact, in this action adventure game you will drive the ship of Sonic and shoot the enemies that you find, if you cannot eliminate dodge them or will crash with them. [...]
In Goodgame Poker, enjoy playing online poker. Create your avatar, choose a room and play poker with people from around the world, sitting at tables with up to 9 people and seeing [...]
In Mario in Sonic World, a super adventure with Mario, who ended up in the world of Sonic! You choose which character of Mario group you'll play. Collect all the coins is equal to [...]
In Sonic Bomberman, Sonic Bomber Man is a Mario Bros themed Bomber man game that you play with Sonic. Help Sonic destroy all his opponents in each world. Play as Sonic or other cha [...]
In Mario & Sonic Jet Adventure, Mario and Sonic now joined to defeat your enemies faster. They are aboard a single-engine plane and it is up to you the mission is to control ai [...]
In Sonic Saves Mario, Mario was on party and got drunk. And now he is driving crazy the entire road. And Sonic was called to save him. Help sonic drive his friend Mario to his home [...]
In Sonic Pacman, the characters of Sonic decided to participate in the famous maze of Pacman. Eat all the way and do not forget the special pads that give you invincibility. Collec [...]
In Mario & Sonic Doll, Mario needs to save Sonic that hangs from a rope around his neck. Now you have to help Mario by using a bow and arrow to hit the rope from the gallows be [...]
In Mario Gypsy Ride, Mario and sonic are two friends who decided to have a race against each other. You can choose your favorite character. Be the first one to cross the finish lin [...]
Its winter time, Mario and Sonic are all set up with their funky snow boards to compete with each other. Choose your favorite character and get in this an awesome new snowboard com [...]
In Mario Sonic Great Battle, join to Super Mario in this really epic battle, cooperation between Mario and Sonic in these nonstop 60 levels Great War! You need be strong to win. Ha [...]
Sonic wants to collect all kinds of rings. You must to help him collect the rings by shooting them with a slingshot. Have fun playing Sonic Fly! How to play Sonic Fly: Mouse to pla [...]