Tag: rescue games

In Rope Rescue Unique Puzzle, there are some people trapped on the top of the platform. You are asked to help them fall onto the low platform safely. Save the person to the safe pl [...]
All Christmas gifts have been stolen and now Santa has to rescue them. He needs your help.  Help Santa on his adventure, in the great snow night, to rescue the presents. Have fun p [...]
In Cobra Striker, fly in a helicopter and rescue hostages. You can take on a variety of missions from hostage rescue to destroying the enemy base. Use a variety of weapons from a m [...]
Once again, April has been kidnapped by Shredder. And you must help the Teenage Turtle Ninja to go and save her again. Have fun with Lego Teenage Ninja Turtle Save April! How to pl [...]
In Paper Mario World, once again the Princess Peach has been kidnapped by evil king bowser. And now Mario has no alternatives but they have to enter the enemy territory and save th [...]
In Mario Xtreme Adventure, Super Mario gets into a new challenge adventure. He has to rescue Princess Peach that is kidnaped in Bowser castle full over soldiers to anyone get there [...]
In Knightmare Tower, you have to save the princess from the evil hands of the upper floor boss being Knight. Shoot yourself up with cannon and slash enemies to gain more speed. Alo [...]
In Counter Specialist, there's a war going on and the government needs you to engage in some dangerous tactical espionage! You are the special ops soldier. Your missions will be to [...]
In Cobra Squad Rescue, the Cobra squad is currently being attacked by massive troops in its mission in Iraq. Your mission is to save your team of Special Forces from dangerous atta [...]
In Mario DK Battle, once again the Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bownser that this time has turned into a giant Donkey Kong. Help Mario rescue the Princess and collect all c [...]
In Starfighter Rescue, fight in the star wars with your Jedi knight. You have to guide the Anakin s spaceship against the droids. Only if you finished the mission you be able to re [...]
In Save the Fallen, you have to rescue all the soldiers who were wounded in the war. And to save them you have to face the onslaught of enemies, be very careful, because enemies wi [...]
In Ultimate Ninja, there is a very large dark organization. They kidnapped the daughter of Japanese ninja organization leaders. They want to take advantage of the ninja organizatio [...]
In Ben 10 Space War, the Ben 10 characters and her friend Gwen has a mission in space. The grandfather of our hero Ben 10 was abducted by aliens and you must help him capture the g [...]
In Donkey Kong Remix 2, Donkey Kong has captured princess peach! It is up to Mario to climb up and save her! So Mario needs your help to do this dangerous mission. Help Mario rescu [...]
In Spongebob Dutchmans Dash, help SpongeBob and Patrick to rescue Gary who was captured and is being held prisoner by the Dutchman. Get the items along the way that will help you t [...]