Tag: platform games

In Avatar Treetop Trouble, you have to  help Sokka hop across the treetops and rescue an entire town! So, jump on the platforms and top of trees to make your way through the levels [...]
In Rope Rescue Unique Puzzle, there are some people trapped on the top of the platform. You are asked to help them fall onto the low platform safely. Save the person to the safe pl [...]
The best part is that you will not ride on the road but on the platforms that are high in the air. To make matters worse, driving will be hard because of obstacles on the way. Try [...]
In Car Stunt Rider, you go to ride on space platforms just for fun or race on time. Every next level will unlock only after you have completed the previous one. Be careful not to f [...]
Join to Mario in this new challenge adventure. First select your favorite character and help him to run and jump as far as possible. Try to collect coins and stars and reach the fi [...]
In Spacewar, a fun platform game in arcade style. Where the game's goal is to eliminate all enemy ships. Shoot your enemies and escape from their attacks, moving quickly. This game [...]
In Spongebob Ghoul Getter, the SpongeBob was transformed into a ghost by the Flying Dutchman and is now part of his crew. He is trying to escape off this life and need your support [...]
In Rise of the Colony, place your arms and mount their platforms to defend your base from enemy attacks insistent! Be prepared to counter the threat from the skies in this thrillin [...]
Carfight.io is an epic driving game. And this game you must play against other drivers and drive in your very own car to try and push them off of the platform! Start the fight on t [...]
In Reimagine  The Game, this is a very special platform game with greets you with faceless celebrity caricatures hopping around the sides of a square, as you realize the GRAVITY of [...]
In Mario Tractor 4, Mario and his pals are back for more fun in this crazy tractor driving game! Aboard this tractor you must collect as many gold coins as you can to advance to th [...]
The cold winter is coming and the Super Mario Bros needs a new house. Help him by using the tools to guide him through each level of his journey. Have fun playing Mario Ice Land! H [...]
In Planet 161, Soldier Hinds, hero of the Empirion War, has been captured by the evil alien emperor Zordak, the noble soldier must now plot his escape from a tiny prison planet in [...]
In Mario Lost In Space, a super adventure with Mario in space. Mario lost in space when he flew to the castle save the princess. Now he needs your help to land safely using their r [...]
Pheus and Mor are two best friends, a little boy and his cute dog, as they take on the adventure of a lifetime. Your mission is to help them to solve puzzles by helping each other [...]
In Mario Robo Battle, Mario get into in a new battle competition and he has to flying as a robot and swing a turtle which is hanging from a rope and hit his enemy with it. Bowser a [...]