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In Operate Now Appendix Surgery, a little patient came to a doctor with a stomach ache. It may be appendicitis, so be very quick and precious in your actions. So, make a surgery to [...]
In Pinata Hunter, a fun game for kids, where your task is to hit the Pinata as much as possible to release the candies hidden inside. He is full of sweets and candies for points an [...]
In Ben 10 Omniverse Danger from Dimension 12, Benjamin Tennyson and Rook Blonko combine forces to defeat Billy Billions and his army of robotic warships. Take to the air in Rook's [...]
In Cobra Striker, fly in a helicopter and rescue hostages. You can take on a variety of missions from hostage rescue to destroying the enemy base. Use a variety of weapons from a m [...]
In Foyle 2 The Jungle, deep in Amazon jungles another alien spaceship has landed and the swarms of aliens are infecting our lands taking control over region by region. You are the [...]
Sonic is a pilot who has to collect as many gems as possible. Guide Sonic through the great flying adventure! Keep Sonic in the air as long as possible, while dodging eggman s airc [...]
Fight in this game against the pirates. Control your own ship and fight against the pirates encountered. This is demo version of the game Assassin's Creed: Pirates. Have fun! How t [...]
In Midnight Revenge, at midnight on the road is very dangerous, because many criminals are riding on their cars through the streets of the city at night. You are a midnight vigilan [...]
Naruto Ninja World Storm 2, a new storm is going to begin! Who is the strongest? Let's wait and see. Have fun with Naruto Ninja World Storm 2! How to play Naruto Ninja World Storm [...]
You have been challenged to tackle one of the hardest courses for offroading! Are you ready for this intense truck jumping challenge?  You must use your extra speed to boost over l [...]
In Palisade Guardian 3, destroy all aliens with 6 epic weapons in 9 awesome stages! Winning a level will award you with stars; spend your stars in the Tech Tree to upgrade your wea [...]
In this new adventure Finn and Jake falls in night of Halloween, a lot of candy, pumpkins ... below that, you try to collect as many items as possible. Have fun playing Adventure T [...]
In Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimate Collection, in this new Ben 10 adventure you have to select alien of the Ultimatrix to fulfill missions. At each stage completed, a new ultimate a [...]
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting version 2.4 add new challenges for you. Now select a role and beat all rivals to win the final victory! Have fun! How to play Dragon Ball Fierce Fightin [...]
In Final Ninja Zero, you are a freshman from the ninja academy, Takeshi, and it is your goal to become the ultimate ninja legend! Get Takeshi through his first corporate espionage [...]
You are a sniper at a corner of one street of New York surround by many dangerous terrorist. And your job is defeating them and get there alive. So, pick up your bombs, and destroy [...]