Tag: jump games

In Avatar Treetop Trouble, you have to  help Sokka hop across the treetops and rescue an entire town! So, jump on the platforms and top of trees to make your way through the levels [...]
In Ben 10 Ice Jump, after a big battle Ben 10 got stuck in melted ice cave, and now he needs your help to escape alive. Help our hero jumps from one ice to another without falling [...]
In True Challenge, you are a young athlete trying to succeed in the sport of JumpCross. When you're competing on the JumpCross track, the only button you will need is your space ba [...]
Join to Mario in this new challenge adventure. First select your favorite character and help him to run and jump as far as possible. Try to collect coins and stars and reach the fi [...]
In Spongebob Ghoul Getter, the SpongeBob was transformed into a ghost by the Flying Dutchman and is now part of his crew. He is trying to escape off this life and need your support [...]
You have been challenged to tackle one of the hardest courses for offroading! Are you ready for this intense truck jumping challenge?  You must use your extra speed to boost over l [...]
In Quad Runner, get ready for an incredible race in a fantastic track full of obstacles and challenges driving a quad speed limits. Use all your skill to reach the end of each phas [...]
In Escape from Hell, Gary has always been a good man, but he was sent to hell by mistake. Help him escape the flames of the hell. Help Gary to climb the Cavern Of Darkness to reach [...]
Mario is under a new adventure and needs your help. Help Mario collect stars and mushrooms. Protect him from falling down. Be careful, during your adventure way, there are many mat [...]
In Risky Rider 5, speed up and jump to the maximum all the cars that you can with your bike. The goal is to pass the obstacles by jumping motorcycle and car in flames. Guide this R [...]
In Run Jump and Fire, adventure with a lot of fun. Your goal is to get your mobster across the level. Collect coins and diamonds along the way to earn score. Collect ammo along the [...]
In Ben 10 Hopper, the cartoon hero Ben 10 is back. And now he is running and jumping, try to stay on the road in this very fast paced running game. Help him overcome the various ob [...]
In The Base Jumper, jump from the cliff and soar as far as you can! Sail as far and wide as you can by launching parachutes and collecting power-ups and avoiding black stars. Grab [...]
In Ravine Climber, jump for your life, do not get eaten by the giant creatures of the desert and gather as many points as you can! You have to escape the hungry creatures in the ri [...]
In Mario Tower Coins 3, go with Super Mario with a scenario full of enemies to collect all coins. Taking care not only with them but also with obstacles that are moving, picking up [...]
In Mario Tower Coins 2, Mario is once again in the Bowser castle and he needs your help to collect all the coins to pass each level. Run through the levels jumping and dodging and [...]