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Fight in this game against the pirates. Control your own ship and fight against the pirates encountered. This is demo version of the game Assassin's Creed: Pirates. Have fun! How t [...]
In this new adventure Finn and Jake falls in night of Halloween, a lot of candy, pumpkins ... below that, you try to collect as many items as possible. Have fun playing Adventure T [...]
Ten sheep were living a peaceful life in a little house in the big woods. But one day a horde of evil wolves came. They decided to eat the sheep. We mustn't allow that, thus build [...]
You are a lonely man that comes across the unknown arcane weapon that unleashed beast from the netherworld! You have to fight your way through these beasts by learning new moves an [...]
Grim, Billy and Mandy will need your help to defend themselves from the crazy toys. Mandy will shoot them down, Grim will gather their spare parts, and Billy will freeze them. Shoo [...]
Join to Bleach in this new fight and show who the best is! Choose your preferred hero, you can select six stages and start your adventure with the cpu or with human opponent. Good [...]
In this Christmas, Finn has to fight all monsters to rescue Jake. Help him finish this mission. Have fun playing Adventure Time Christmas War! How to play Adventure Time Christmas [...]
Ben 10 has a new mission and he will need your help. The planet is under enemy attack. They are driving tank to destroy every city on the planet. Help ben 10 destroyed all enemy ta [...]
Get into a fight between the stickman Bigknife and the stickman Genki. They are neck and neck at fighting. You can control one of them to fight. Good luck in Angry Daigekitou! How [...]
Stickman returns to the office really angry and armed to the teeth to carry out his plans of revenge against his former colleagues, they start shooting, defeat all your enemies usi [...]
In Monsters Den Chronicles, you have to battle evil creatures with your team of own selected heroes. Lead your troops through the dark dangerous cavern and explore the given rooms [...]
You just get into the specials army forces. And you have to train to become the ultimate soldier. Your task is shooting as many targets as possible. Aim for headshots to get big po [...]
In Angry Pumpkin, in this Halloween themed physics based game your goal is to kill the witch on each level with angry pumpkins. Launch the pumpkins and knock over the heads. How to [...]
Have a nice time playing a great baseball game. You have to hit the ball like in any other baseball game. Have fun playing Baseball Stadium! How to play Baseball Stadium: Mouse par [...]
Wasteland is a place where the bandits live. Rusty is the gang leader of all bandits. He is cruelty had spread to a nearby town. And then, came the hunter to be slaughter all the b [...]
In Anti Terrorist Sniper King, the terrorism war begins again and you to eliminate all enemies by shooting them down. Take your sniper rifle and starts do eliminate the evil. Have [...]