Tag: escape games

In Gravity Kid, put on your anti-gravity shoes and start running! Avoid obstacles, gaps, and oh, did we mention there's a cop on your tail? Collect coins to upgrade your skills. Co [...]
In Space Escape, you are located on a spacecraft someplace in space. Drive the super car from one planet to another, delivering one important message. Gather items and use them in [...]
In Space Prison Escape 2, in the first part of the adventure, our heroes head to earth with a spaceship they found. But their enemies in space chase and surround them before they c [...]
Zuko and his dragon are trying to escape from the enemies. And you have to help them. Help Zuko steer a dragon and keep escapees from breaking out.  You have to fly, avoid obstacle [...]
Ben 10 got into a green hell and he needs your help to escape from there. Help Ben 10 in this challenge adventure by jumping out in safe place. Be careful to not fall in wrong plac [...]
In Killer Escape 2 Surgery, evil Jigsaw Murder is back to bring you a nightmare full of blood and horror. This time you are trapped again at an unknown, dark place - blood is every [...]
In Car Eats Car Evil Cars, your cars are in prison. Help them to escape from here. Drive like hell and collect bonuses on the road. Jump, run, speed up and do your be... their only [...]
In The Proposal, in this night Josh Bullock is planning on proposing to his girlfriend during the grand ball at the orchid hotel. However Rocco Reynolds, who was her boyfriend fift [...]
In Pou Xtreme Escape, this is a very fun and addictive game! Help Pou to collect all stars. Watch out for the traps and enemies. Have fun playing Pou Xtreme Escape! How to play Pou [...]
In Ben 10 Alien Unlock, Ben 10 is trapped in alien spaceship and he is waiting your help to escape from there. Help Ben 10 escape from the alien spaceship and collect all the badge [...]
In Strike Force Heroes, you are a scientist and now you have to fight for your life. Escape this place with a veritable army of robots that are taking over everything. You will hav [...]
In Ben 10 in Viktors Castle, in this exciting game our hero Ben 10 has been captured and he was locked in the castle of Victoria by his enemies. And to escape from there he really [...]
In Planet 161, Soldier Hinds, hero of the Empirion War, has been captured by the evil alien emperor Zordak, the noble soldier must now plot his escape from a tiny prison planet in [...]
Pou got into a maze and he needs your help to escape from there. Help Pou get out of the maze. There are fun things to collect and also some scary things to avoid. Have fun playing [...]
In Pillage the Village, this game is a kind of pre-sequence Defend your Castle. Your goal in the game is to prevent the villagers from escaping from the corners of the screen. Simp [...]
In Escape from Hell, Gary has always been a good man, but he was sent to hell by mistake. Help him escape the flames of the hell. Help Gary to climb the Cavern Of Darkness to reach [...]