Tag: destroy games

In Winter Clash 3D, Christmas is coming and the evil wants destroyed it. The evil elves plan to take over the Santa’s secret place, and summon the evil Baba Yaga, also known as Pag [...]
In Kart Fight.io, in this car game your only one task to stay last alive. Hit your opponent out of the arena. Then you will become bigger and stronger.  You are in an arena where y [...]
In Pixel Car Crash Demolition, get into this crazy arena! Nobody will spare you here. Fight to the last breath. Will you destroy your opponents or will you be destroyed?  Join in 1 [...]
In World Wars 1991, play this classic war game alone or with your friend. You will take part in levels, and your goal is to survive as much as possible because if one of you gets t [...]
In Last Resistance City Under Siege, the general and his henchmen are launching an assault on the blocky city. You are the last man to defend the city. There are 30 missions to be [...]
In Mexico Rex, Rex pays a visit to Mexico. And this time he brings his mini gun! Eat humans, shoot down vehicles and create as much havoc as you can. After a series of destruction, [...]
In Sea Battles, you are in control of an advanced military craft and you must defend your base! You are the only ship left standing and you must fight off a hoard of enemy battlesh [...]
In Extreme Drift, destroy your tires and get enough score. The choice is up to you. The game offers a truly perfect physics, realistic graphics and much more. There you have 12 dif [...]
In Airport Clash 3D, you can play great multiplayer battles, where you destroy the enemies on the server. You will have a sniper rifle and a large rotary machine gun. Try to get st [...]
This time Ben 10 is running in speed to destroy all the enemies. Your task is to reach the destination without falling into pits. Get extra points by dashing enemies all along the [...]
In V10 Powerboat Racer, enter an awesome boat race with your super engine to destroy your opponents. Drive as fast as possible and destroy your opponents. Use the power ups on your [...]
In Pyro Guy, you are pyro guy, a bomb expert and your objective is to destroy precise targets. Avoid the guards and use your explosives wisely. Infiltrate a social network giant, t [...]
In Truckminator, you are in the center of zombie-apocalypse. Your goal is to destroy all creatures, monsters, werewolves and zombies using a monster truck equipped with heavy weapo [...]
In Ben 10 Omni Switch, Ben 10 is going to use his avatars and hack mainframe while guards are coming to destroy him. You’ll have to hack the computer before the monsters come and d [...]
In Squadron Angels, fly the combat aircraft over an ancient Maya city and catch all the gems that are in sight. Choose and control the plane, find the hidden objects and destroy bu [...]
In Hulk Smash, Hulk's anger is growing, constant military attacks leaves him with even more anger. Now he will have had to destroy in its path. Help the Hulk destroying the entire [...]