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Race through the levels as Ben 10 in his trucks and cars, collect purple orbs to unlock the next car, complete the level to unlock the next level and collect orange orbs to use boo [...]
Mario and Peach are racing there super Jetski. And you can choose your favorite and race carefully into the water. Glide through the water and collect coins. Do not hit the obstacl [...]
In Rash Race 2, race your superbike and be prepared to beat your opponents in second edition of Rash Race. Race through the different course, collect stars for bonus points. Buy ne [...]
In Kogama Mine of Crystals, you will play mini games where you can try parkour, or try the game mode slip motionless or start with the specialty of this episode. Excavate crystals [...]
Knock off is a simple and straightforward game in which you need to aim the ball carefully to knock off all the objects. Smash, break and knock off objects from the platform! Remov [...]
In Jetpack Rusher, strap on a bullet-powered jetpack! Strap on a bullet-powered jetpack to dodge lasers, electric fields and all the missiles that come your way. Get a boost along [...]
Ben 10 is travelling through challenging levels and over obstacles. So, help him to collect points on the way, perform stunts like back flip and front flip to gain bonus points, fi [...]
In Rocket Board Evolution you have to dodge falling rocks and killer bats while flying on a rocket board. Surf on a rocket board inside a cave of lava with falling rocks and evil b [...]
All Christmas gifts have been stolen and now Santa has to rescue them. He needs your help.  Help Santa on his adventure, in the great snow night, to rescue the presents. Have fun p [...]
Drive a car in Las Vegas and collect tokens along the way to play in casino. You have also made some enemies along the way. So hop in your car and drive as fast as possible, collec [...]
In Ben 10 Big Battle, in this Ben 10 action adventure you get the chance to defeat Forever King. Choose your alien form, and then attack your enemies to gain experience. Once you f [...]
In Fantastic Duet 2, in this fun adventure you can choose to play between Mario or Sonic and go into this super adventure through the forest. Help your favorite character to overco [...]
Mario Bros get in trouble again, this time he must venture deep into the jungle in order to reach the hidden castle, where his lovely princess lives, in order to set it free from t [...]
Princess Peach was gone; Mario drove his beloved car looking for the princess, quickly to help Mario get together. Help Mario by riding his cart and make sure you collect all the s [...]
In this Baseball game you will be aiming for the targets around the stadium to collect as many points as possible on each level. Read the objectives for each level and achieve the [...]
Super Magnet Cleaner is an online game, where you will have to collect a certain number of magnets on a beach in Bali. You will thus help the natives clean the trash that the touri [...]