Tag: cave games

Royal Ruckus Storm the dungeon with Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess in Royal Ruckus! After their Princess Day hijinks, Marcy and LSP went looking for more trouble. Make your way [...]
In Escape from Hell, Gary has always been a good man, but he was sent to hell by mistake. Help him escape the flames of the hell. Help Gary to climb the Cavern Of Darkness to reach [...]
In Hurry Up Bob 2, Bob is an explorer and is inside a pyramid in Egypt, but came up a wash and various traps. Help Bob get rid of the hot lava cave. Jump from platform to platform [...]
In Pirates of the Caribbean Cursed Cave Crusade, Elizabeth Swann is kidnapped by pirates and is trapped in a cave full of danger. Will Turner need your help in this great adventure [...]
In Sands of Doom, explore the mysterious caves and roads, shooting evil creatures that appear from the sand. Your goal is to find and collect the mysterious Item before anyone else [...]
In Cursed Treasure Don't Touch My Gems, enemies will try to attack his cave and steal your jewels. Do not let them have succeed. Mount bases to defend their enemy invasions of emer [...]
In Treasure Hunt, a super adventure in search of lost treasure in dangerous caves. Walk through as explorer in a cave full of places that can be destroyed in search of secrets, avo [...]
Feed nuttys candy cave by having him grab candy in a cave! Enable his addiction now! Use all your skills and have lot of fun playing Candy Cave! How to play Candy Cave: Mouse to pl [...]
In Ben 10 The Way of Power, help Ben rescuing Julie who's been kidnapped by Lord Highbreed. Ben 10 is on low battery on his Omnitrix so he needs Gwen’s help to get across the cave. [...]
In Ben 10 Gold Miner, Ben 10, his grandfather and his cousin were exploring caves filled with gold. They developed a special machine to get all the gold! A hook that you just push [...]
In Prehistoric Football, the caveman is learning to play football and have to train the force of your kick. He needs to kick the ball as far as possible, so that the ball must boun [...]
Funny minion is the role in film, this task is to collect the gold in the cave, he with advanced technology equipment, but there are many danger and disorder in the cave. Come and [...]
In Luigi Cave World, Mario could not go to this adventure, therefore he send Luigi. But Luigi doesn’t know how to go through this adventure. Help him to get back to his home. Grab [...]
In Ben 10 Treasure Hunter, Ben 10 is a great expedition of caves in the center. He needs to find a great treasure that was hidden for centuries. The old hid this wealth that he was [...]
In Ben 10 Omniverse Dead Cave,our hero is in one other adventure and he really needs your help. Help Ben 10 finish all level in this dead cave. Have fun playing Ben 10 Dead Cave! H [...]
In Mario Crystal Cave, Super Mario is back for another adventure. This time he will need your help to enter the castle Browser and grab all the crystals that are scattered around t [...]